24 Hour Fitness, INC. Cinematographer/Photographer/Videographer in Irvine, California

LOCATION 18007 Von Karman Avenue Irvine CA 92612

The Cinematographer/Photographer/ Videographer provides creative expertise and develops and produces original video, photography and audio productions work. Will also supervise other production and/or freelance technicians and artists. Position leads independent shoots and produces original creative works.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Videography and Photography

  • Delivers creative expertise and original signature content creation to VP Content, Brand & Media, and Sr. Director of Production & Photography to create a cohesive and compelling digital brand experience.

  • Provides strategy and expert advice to plan and produce video, photography and audio productions work and supervise other production and/or freelance technicians and artists.

  • Develop and produce original concepts for campaigns and branded spots, editorial and social media using existing assets and new footage.

  • Develop video content for internal audiences and internal strategic initiatives, experiential events and major company meetings.

  • Lead production and post-production teams during in studio and on location shoots.

  • Identify content needs and signature looks for each new production series, franchise or tent poles and guide creative vision for segments and stories.

  • Craft branded experience and standards across all output.

Original Photography & Creative Assets Library

  • Conceive, create and develop original photography and video related content.

  • Produce a valuable creative asset of original signature photography needed across the brand and a plan to replace with branded assets.

  • Maintain enterprise archiving and filing systems and reinforce file management, naming conventions, digital asset management, naming conventions, produce and maintain digital archives.

  • Stay abreast of health fitness, wellness & lifestyle sector and trends.

Production -- Studio and Workflow

  • Provide expert insight to develop and refine in-house capability for production and post-production to include photography, video filming, live broadcasting, podcasting, editing, animation, basic color, basic visual effects and sound recording.

  • Provide creative guidance for technical photography and artistic needs and deliverables for each production.

  • Offer expert guidance for set design, lighting, painting sweeps, organizing and managing the studio environment during shoots.

  • Deliver professional artistic perspective and production strategy for on location shoots.

  • Provide expert guidance and technical knowledge for a variety of cameras and act as a camera engineer or operator.

  • Execute all post-production tasks including video/audio editing, color grading and correction; music, sound, and integration of graphics as assigned.

  • Stay abreast of and present new concepts and best practices in lighting ideas and visual techniques.

  • Research and scout locations for out of studio shoots

  • Provide knowledge and technical guidance for talent, staffing, communication and workflows, creative reviews, approval meetings, and production calendar workshops and maintain budget expectation.

  • Provide expert strategy and leadership for video processes and solutions for the post production team to create efficiencies in the digital organization.

  • Attend and contribute to departmental meetings.

Organizational Relationship

Position reports to VP Content, Brand & Media. Offers creative expertise and original artistic insights to other production team members, business owners, talent and leadership throughout the creative/production/post production process to maintain the highest level of creativity and accuracy with regard to content creation and production quality. Must work in cooperation with content, programming and other marketing team members and be involved in content and programming as well as brand/creative and design production. Does not have any direct reports, but will need to supervise or give direction to vendors or other in house team members as needed during productions.

Required Qualifications

  • A creative experience professional who is excited to build an epic brand.

  • Well-versed in the latest camera and lens options, tools and techniques--understands what is optimal for an assignment (vs. excessive).

  • Extensive skill level in photography, lighting, editing and set design.

  • Highly organized and able to work both independently and with a team.

  • A keen eye for look and feel of a professional well edited video and an ear for how to tell a good story.

  • Practical knowledge of all types of video production and knowledge of best practices in video, photography

  • Strong knowledge of best practices in filming and photographing health fitness and lifestyle content.

  • A genuine interest in and aptitude for the type of content 24 Hour Fitness produces and demonstrably understands the 24Hour Fitness brand and voice.

  • Proven ability to lead a crew and foster and cultivate positive energy on sets, manage expectations and work collaboratively to find creative solutions to problems that arise, troubleshoot, manage and maintain work processes and procedures.

  • Demonstrates mastery of post-production process.

  • Proven ability to execute all tasks necessary to produce approved output according to project scope, brand guidelines and budget, with superior craft and attention to detail, for digital and mobile platforms, editorial and social channels.

  • Extensive proficiency with Adobe Creative Cloud (Premiere, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, etc.)

  • Practical knowledge and extensive experience with production equipment and operations.

  • Bachelor's degree -- preferred in film production, marketing, communications, or related field.

  • Professional training or Professional degree in Design, Photography, Cinematography or Applied Arts.

  • 5+ years of direct experience in original video production and original photography

  • 4+ years of experience in lighting, audio and set design.

  • 3+ years of direct experience delivering post production and editing services.

  • Direct experience in photography and editing, with a strong emphasis on creativity and innovation design thinking.

  • Personal experience in project development and scheduling, from conception to completion.


FULL-TIME Full-time